Why Us

Coast to coast coverage

We cover all continental 48 states and Canada. Every street, every corner.

One Point of Contact

We take great pride in this service. No 800 numbers, no transfers, no voicemails unreturned, no explaining to do, your Logistics Rep knows the ins and out of your company, your freight and especially you. You can do it all with one phone call, email or even a text

Around the Clock

Our normal business hours are from 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday. But if you ever need help outside those hours you will be given a number to call for after-hours help.

Communication is Key

Have you ever had an issue with a company and magically they just stopped answering the phone or it’s very difficult to talk to someone who can help. Maybe they’re hoping things are going to fix themselves. Not here. Our philosophy is to communicate with clients along the way and at least once every hour until resolved. Communication is key in our company.

Peace of Mind

In the unfortunate and rare event of damage or theft of your freight you can rest assured your shipments are covered 100 percent every single time.

Deliver Results

We keep our promises, if we say we can do it, rest assured we can. Again, that’s a promise.

Expedited service / Same day

Your freight can be moved within the same day, in as little as two hours from the submission of your shipment request.

Purchasing Power

Virtually unlimited purchasing power, we can access as many trucks as you can possibly need in one day. Our technology and network of carriers allows us to work in very efficient ways.

We are not cheap…(in every sense!)

Enthusiastic amateurs, claiming to move your freight for dirt cheap, have cluttered the web and your phone with their offers. We have no competition with them… They know what their services are worth!   We’re not the cheapest vendor around (nor do we want to be!), but neither are we the most expensive. Our fees are reasonable and comparable with other quality transportation firms.   It’s not that we’re snobby, but rather that we seek professional clients who want professional services at reasonable prices and who understand value for money.   It’s this kind of rigorous work ethic that helps our clients standout because their freight is in good hands, delivered on time, and with reliable carriers.

And of course 1st class service with every shipment

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